2 Feb 2009

My House is Your House

Introducing the motto of your cosy, friendly house in Lisbon:

- "My house is your house, mi casa, tu casa, chez moi, chez toi, a minha casa é a tua casa."

This is a special house (where have you heard this before?), well, it's true and here's why, it's marvelous, starting with the architectural details inside and finishing with the neighbourhood's local attractions, outside.

Your house in Lisbon is to be found in Graça, an area full of typical characters, the crossroads of Tram 28, Feira da Ladra (Lisbons flea market) and the most beautiful belvederes in the city.

You don't have to be Angelina Jolie or Donald Trump to have several houses.

This is your house in Lisbon, the place where you feel at home.

Light & Lisbon
Picture: Exterior lamp and window view from your living room


  1. It was a lovely stay in April this year – a piece of cosy modern living in an absolutely Portugese dwelling house (tiles, supernarrow staircase and all). Smart details and smart layout made this a fun place to stay. A short walk to the tram or a stroll downhill to the flea market – or just wandering in the neighbourhood backyards.
    A bizarre detail – absolutely no local taxi driver had no idea where Rua Bartolomeu de Costa was situated – even if the address was written down or shown on map. Saying it's near the Sapodores could help, though.
    Would love to come back someday soon…

  2. :) Yes it's true, tell the cabdrivers that it's next to SAPADORES or near Santa Apolónia.

    The confusion is simple: There's one Rua Bartolomeu da Costa in other part of Lisbon. Your House in Lisbon is in Rua Bartolomeu Costa (without "da").

    Cheers Dan!

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