2 Feb 2009

My House is Your House

Introducing the motto of your cosy, friendly house in Lisbon:

- "My house is your house, mi casa, tu casa, chez moi, chez toi, a minha casa é a tua casa."

This is a special house (where have you heard this before?), well, it's true and here's why, it's marvelous, starting with the architectural details inside and finishing with the neighbourhood's local attractions, outside.

Your house in Lisbon is to be found in Graça, an area full of typical characters, the crossroads of Tram 28, Feira da Ladra (Lisbons flea market) and the most beautiful belvederes in the city.

You don't have to be Angelina Jolie or Donald Trump to have several houses.

This is your house in Lisbon, the place where you feel at home.

Light & Lisbon
Picture: Exterior lamp and window view from your living room

My Living Room

Your Eating Room

My Bedroom

Your Second Bedroom

My Kitchen

Your Kitchen, eager for your warm cooking experiments and chalk messages.

Your Bathroom

Small but beautiful. :)

My Details

Your bedroom lamps, with natural light on top.

Your living room lamp and shadow.

Your living room natural light at seven in the morining and your parrot.

A room with a Lolita touch and a room with a Godfather one. Ying and Yang, side by side in perfect harmony. Yes, there's a universal-cinematographic balance in Your House in Lisbon.

My House - Outside

Leave the stairs and enter My house in Lisbon.

Right there, Rua Bartolomeu da Costa Number 6, second floor.

Your Local Facilities

Tram / Eléctrico 28 - Catch it and cross the city in the best transportation possible, besides your feet.

Panteão / National Pantheon - Right in the middle of Feira da Ladra (Lisbon's Flea Market - every Tuesday and Saturday)

Miradouro da Graça / Graça's Belvedere - Get the BEST view over Lisbon, while drinking a "bica" (expresso).

Supermarket Pingo Doce - The first Lisbon Cinema with sound it's now your best local supermarket.